Awesome eMail Program!

I’ve been looking for a replacement for Incredimaill which I’ve used for about the last 15 years. I tried at least 5 others and was about ready to give up. Even the tech at Microsoft couldn’t figure out why their mail program would not let me reply to email. Another one refused to let me send but it was fine to receive.  It was a nightmare!

I did another search and saw eM Client come up. Almost passed it by but I was getting desperate so I downloaded it anyway.  Installed it and didn’t think too much about it but, it did let me send and receive emails! Finally, something that worked.  This was just a few days ago.  As I started exploring the various menus and such, I could see little things that I didn’t want could be removed from the menus.  I only needed something to read and send and nothing more.  But, the more I looked, the more excited I got.  I discovered that I can add all my friends and family birthdays to the calendar and they will reoccur! I was able to make the columns look exactly the way I wanted them. This has FAR MORE than anything I expected for a free program! 

The tasks window is going to save me from writing a lot of hand notes.  I do a 20 page newsletter monthly and sometimes, it’s hard to keep all the information together. The Task manager solved that. 

The best part is, this program is so EASY to use!  I am an  82 year old female and had no problems understanding any of the many features.  I have my friends marked in groups, my neighbors, my family and more.  I have been playing with this since about 8am today. Forgot to eat breakfast.  Finally had some tea and toast. It’s mot past 10:30 pm and I was having so much fun exploring that I forgot to eat dinner!

Thanks to everyone for a truly awesome program, and one that just about anyone should be able to master.  I sort of miss the IM emots but I can live without that.

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