Avoid fetching Data via Internet for Mails in Junk-Folder

I am happy about the very good detection of SPAM/Junk-Mails.

But if I activate the “Junk E-Mail” folder to make a last check before deleting the Mails, I get some warnings from my Internet/Virus-Protection (Bitdefender), that some hazardous internet-connections have been blocked. It looks like eM-Client tries to find Avatar-Images for these junk-mails (or something else) and connects to these internet-adresses.

So my idea: Can you suppress any connections made to servers mentioned in Mails that are in the Junk-Folder - I think nobody needs Avatars etc. for Mails in Junk-Folders…

You will find a setting in Menu > Settings > Mail > Privacy. If you block external content and allow only content from people in your contact list, or in the whitelist, then linked content in your Junk email will not be loaded.

If you don’t want avatars being sourced from the Internet, you can disable that in Menu > Settings > Contacts.