avg antivirus software not working with M


I installed EM client and love it. I had already bebn using AVG for antivirus with outlook. When I installed my new computer, I used EM client instead of outlook and setup AVG.

I always get an error message. I have 2 email accounts setup, and gone thu all the documentation on the AVG help site to fix this but no luck.

I get the message that the email scanner is unable to scan the message as its encrypted.

an anyone help please

Hi, what errors are you seeing? Can you make a screenshot of these errors?
What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Thank you,

free version 6.0.2

Hi this is due to your account setup, your mail service is using STARTTLS encryption on secure ports, but I belive there’s nothing to worry about, AVG claims on their website that once attachments of the mail are downloaded they’re immediately scanned.
This is also not an eM Client issue but mostly AVG issue as they currently don’t support the scanning of this port.

You would have to start using insecure connection with your account to avoid this, and I don’t suggest you do that.

Hope this helps,