Avatars not updating on Sent mail

Hi I’ve changed my avatar in account settings, cleared cache, clicked download on and off but sent emails still haven’t updated my avatar I still get the facebook one. Does it just take time?


The avatar displayed next to your name in the sent message is not the account avatar. It is the avatar sourced from the Internet.

The account avatar is displayed below the time the message was sent or received in unified folders like Unread, to show which account the message belongs to.

I see, how do I change that internet sourced avatar?


It is only for display purposes, it doesn’t go along with the sent message. But some other email applications will also display these from the Internet. So it depends where it is coming from. If it is from Facebook, change it on Facebook.

Strange I’m using EM client with protonmail there is no facebook link so its strange that this icon will take it.

If other people can’t see it I think ill just disable it in settings.


If eM Client displays it, then any other email application that also displays Internet sourced avatars will probably do so as well. Disabling contact avatars in eM Client won’t affect other applications.

Ok weird… So only way to fix it is to set favicon on my domain website?

Thanks for the help!

martes 11 julio 2023 :: 0922hrs (UTC +0100)

If you want to have your same Avatar in all places on the internet, register with:
https://www.gravatar.com it will take a short while to go live and can be updated in future if you wish.



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Not weird at all.

If you have an online profile with an avatar, chances are modern email applications will connect your email address with that avatar and display it. That’s what we do. You can disable displaying these avatars in eM Client, but that won’t affect other applications.

Yes, best option is to change the online avatar, and favicon will work.

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Thanks skybat, so just register on gravatar with the email you want to change upload a image and just wait? Em client will automatically pick it up?

Edit: @skybat Icon just changed thanks!!