Avatar Selection Logic

I bought two licenses to use eM Client for my Windows desktop and my Mac Book. I am noticing that the avatar I set for one email account I use was changed for eM Client running on my Mac Book. I set the avatar quite some time ago within eM Client to be a small jpg image of myself. For reasons unknown this was changed to match my personal website’s favicon.ico. I never requested this change to happen. Any ideas why this change took place? Can I stop eM Client from changing my avatar in some manner?

I am looking at accounts right now, and my avatar I originally set is still in place. I am not sure why an email is showing a different avatar now. My email address is my own domain that I own. My website also uses my own domain. Is there an option I am missing that determines which avatar to use?

I set the avatar quite some time ago within eM Client to be a small jpg image of myself. For reasons unknown this was changed to match my personal website’s favicon.ico

If you have your own website or domain setup associated with your email address, eM Client will normally automatically use that fav icon from the website when it’s online & not use your separate icon you manually put in eM Client.

eM Client checks every 30days for any Avatar website icon changes from your online websites. The same goes if you setup a custom Gravatar icon setup on the Gravatar website

I don’t think you can have a different Avatar icon in eM Client if you already have a fav icon setup on your website that is linked / associated to the same email account. However I could be wrong and I’m sure someone will update this thread if you can.

So if you want a different icon for your Avatar in eM Client, just change the one on your personal website and do the following below which will force eM Client to redownload the new icon.

Go to “Menu / Settings / Contacts / General” and disable the option to “Download avatars from external sources” &" apply & save". Then go back in there and “re-enable” and apply & save.

Note: You could also just try disabling the download from external sources and then apply and save. Then add your custom icon again and save that and see if it stays as your Avatar.

I think an avatar specified under accounts should take priority over any external sources without me having to turn off this feature. In my case it makes sense, because I specifically set the avatar for this particular email account right in its settings. It’s a local file that I intentionally set to be used. External source avatars I cannot even see from em client’s settings. Why should these take priority over a local file I intentionally set? This doesn’t make sense to me.

Why should these take priority over a local file I intentionally set? This doesn’t make sense to me

The reasoning for this as default I suspect (as a free forum user) is eg: so many peeps out there now want the same Avatar linked to all accounts, so peeps know them globally using any program.

Did you try though disabling the download from external sources option to see if that would allow you to have a different Avatar icon locally ?

When you setup an account, the avatar provided by the server is used by default if there is one. If you want to use something else, then change it by going to Menu > Accounts and clicking on the account avatar. You can choose from one of the stylised presets, or add your own image. The account avatar is displayed under the received time in unified folders like Unread, to indicate what account the message is stored in.

Contact avatars, those displayed next to the sender’s address in emails you receive, are something different. They have nothing to do with the account avatar. They are sourced from the Internet and if the sender changes their avatar in places like their domain favicon, or on sites like Gravatar, the avatar in eM Client will also change to reflect that. We only sync contact avatars every 30 days, so there may be some delay. You can change them to something of your choice if you have a contact setup for that sender, by replacing the avatar in your contacts, or you can disable them from being sourced from the Internet in Menu > Settings > Contacts.

The specific avatar was my own for my own email address. Based on what you stated, the contact avatar applies to this and not the avatar I set for my email account. This is noted, but it shares the exact same behavior. I set the same avatar for myself under contacts that eM Client is 100% ignoring to instead download a favicon.ico file.

I just disabled download from external sources, and the avatar now shows the way I want it. If I turn it back on, will the software again replace my photo with a goofy icon downloaded from the Internet? If the answer is yes, my setting for contacts should take priority over what gets downloaded from the Internet. The Internet downloads should come second. Finally, display initials if no other avatars are found.

Does this make logical sense? I can certainly send a report with screenshots to show you how ridiculous this looks as implemented.

eM Client already change my client avatar back the next day.

Can this be fixed? Will this be fixed? Am I stuck with this for life?