Avatar of the last account in my list taking over all the other accounts

I am running several email addresses on my eMclient, between mine, accounts that I run on behalf of clients, and also accounts connected to board positions and NFP work. I haven’t had a problem with the avatars on any of them until now, when I added in the last 2 accounts. Now, every email I send from my address is showing the avatar of the last account. Not while I compose, just once it’s sent. I removed the last account to see what would happen, and now it’s doing the same thing with the second last account.
Both of these accounts are NFP groups hosted on Google.
How can I get the emails to display the correct avatar? Or am I just not able to run these two offending accounts?

It depends on which avatar you are asking about.

The account avatar, is only displayed in unified folders like the Unread Favourites folder. You will see it on the right of the message list only, just below the time, and it is there to indicate which account that message belongs to in a folder where messages from multiple accounts are displayed together. To change the avatar go to Menu > Accounts, click on the avatar in the General tab and choose a preset one, or click on Browse to select one of your own images.

The contact avatar, which you see to the left of the sender’s name in the message list, and in the message preview, is sourced either from the contact you have for that sender, or from their online profile, server domain favicon, etc. You can edit the contact for that sender if you have one and change their avatar by clicking on it, but if you don’t have a contact, so it is sourced from the Internet, you won’t be able to change it. It will be whatever the sender has specified online.

It is the account avatar, and I had them set up successfully for quite some time, until I added in these last two accounts that are hosted on Google. The avatar is displayed in the thread showing both mine and the recipient’s as we reply to each email and the thread grows.
I’ve tried to upload a screenshot to show you what I mean

So even though I’m sending it from the top account with the avatar of purple, green and orange squares, the avatar that shows up in the thread is the one that belongs to the last account.

The account avatar has nothing to do with the contact avatar.

The contact avatar is sourced from the Internet. So it depends if you have an online profile with an avatar, or a domain favicon etc. It has nothing to do with the account avatar you have specified for display in eM Client.

If the sender doesn’t have an online avatar, it will display a monogram of their name. In this case PJ for Pinjarra Hockey.

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