Avatar linked to emails

I have a question about the avatar or images that are shown when you open a email.

Where does em client get this images from ?

And can this be changed ?

(is it cached or not ?)

Hi - you might like to send a screen shot with the images you refer to - but redact any personal info.
Some images you can insert into the body of emails; others can be attached, but I suspect you are referring to personal ones associated with your email account. Send a screen shot with what you mean.

Or you could mean the ones linked to Contacts like this?

If so, just open and edit your Contacts and replace the default image with one of your choice.

Yes it’s the one in your screenshot.
But you can change this → but by default but if you recieve a new email for the first time i get icon as well.

I gues it’s the avatar from wordpress. Can someone confirm this ?
or does emclient use images from inside email ? (don’t know the logic there)

That’s why i am asking. :slight_smile:

Sorry - no idea - maybe someone else can help?

This blog article explains where eM Client gets the avatars from:

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Thanks @eisbaer very interesting and educational.

Thanks for this answer Eisbaer!