Avast detected eM Client MailClient.exe infected

After yesterday’s update (29Aug19) Avast detected eM Client MailClient.exe was infected with URL:Phishing via http://rent-gopro.ru/apple-touch-icon.png

Does this mean the update was bad? Thanks!

You can adjust the way eM Client downloads unsafe content in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Privacy.

Thanks, I looked at the white listed emails but didn’t see any bad ones.
I also hadn’t had any unknown emails or clicked on bad links. This is the Avast msg:

It says that is the exe initiating it. Since this new exe update I noticed my Win10 machine won’t stay sleeping, after 5 minutes it wakes up by itself, even if I put it back to sleep; this is a new behaviour.

In eM Client, if you disable unsafe content in all messages (see screenshot above) then you should not get this message in your anti-virus application. See what happens.

The issue is not that eM Client the application, is infected, it is that you have a message that is accessing external content. Guess that means that your anti-virus application is doing it’s job.

Or am I wrong on this? Where did you get your version of eM Client from because what is available direct from eM Client is not infected.