Autosync at launch - all items (mail, calendar, tasks)

In Menu » Settings » General » General » Synchronization there’s a checkbox “Synchronize items at startup”.

For me, this statement is a question, does em Client should synchronize all items at startup, and by all I mean ALL: mails from all accounts, events from all calendars accounts, tasks from all tasks accounts. Apparently, that’s not the case here.

After starting em Clients, items are not synced automatically. For example, when I switch to Calendar windows or Tasks window, there’s still “old” items hanging. I have to manually switch to Calendar and hit F5 to manually refresh events and then manually switch to Tasks and hit F5.

In your opinion, should “sync at startup” actually sync all these items or should they be untouched until you’ve switch to particular windows and manually select to refresh them? Cause in my personal opinion, if there’s a switch “sync at startup” it should actually deliver its promise, that to say, sync ALL in background.

What’s your opinion on that?

From my experience, everything syncs at start-up when this option is selected. You can check this in your log: Menu > Tools > Operations > Log after starting eM Client. If something is not syncing, there should be an error.

Thereafter, depending on how your account is setup (IMAP/Exchange/POP3) there are different syncing behaviours. Calendars and Contacts will sync initially with everything else and thereafter only sync after the synchronization interval specified in the same settings section. There are some exceptions like Google Calendars, that will not sync sooner that every 15 minutes no matter what setting you choose. Actually, there are other problems with Google Calendars that sometimes they just don’t pull new information from the server. That has been discussed in depth elsewhere on this forum.

On some accounts, IMAP folders also behave differently. GMail syncs the Inbox in real-time but not the other folders. GMX syncs all folders in real-time. Exchange syncs on the specified interval. There are many different scenarios.

No, that’s not the case, which I exactly stated in my VIP support ticket (#62627 if you are the employee).

I’m utilizing both Google Tasks and Google Calendar as well as two CalDAV accounts with calendars and tasks.

Events & Tasks are not synchronizing  even after 15, 30 or 600 minutes after I launch program. I have to manually go to Calendar/Task window and hit Refresh to reflect changes already made on server side.

I cleared my log and restarted eM Client. Everything is synced at start.

Please check your log and confirm.

The only exception could be the Google Calendar issue, which is already known, but does not affect everyone.

I’ve checked it right now. Log says that all the “containers” are synced after the program start (that is: all IMAP accounts, all Gmail calendars+taks, all CalDAV calendar+tasks, all CardDAV contacts and so on, and so on…).


Even if log states, that the sync is correct, EMC does not reflect these syncs in “view port”!

What I mean is like follows:

  1. I start up EMC instance on my home computer.
  2. I add several events (let’s call them “A”, “B”, “C”), all set for today.
  3. I quit my home EMC and go to work, in work I launch my other EMC instance.
  4. I go to calendar window, there are no events “A” “B” nor “C” for today…
  5. … until I manually hit F5 to refresh calendar, after that they appear in my calendar.
  6. I delete the “B” event on my work EMC, I change the name of “A” to “some task” and I drag&drop “C” from today to let’s say Sunday.
  7. Then I close my work EMC, go to home, launch my home EMC.
  8. I go to calendar window on my home EMC, there are still “A”, “B” and “C” events, all marked for today.
  9. AFTER I hit F5 to refresh/sync my calendar on my home EMC, events changed as the supposed to be displayed (“A” » “some task”, “B” is gone and “C” goes to Sunday)

This is a know issue with some eM Client users and Google Calendars. There has been no feedback from eM Client about that, unfortunately, even though there was significant discussion on this forum.

OK, but I’m not reffering to GCal, but to CalDAV @ SabreDAV/ownCloud server.

I suppose there are also differences between CalDAVs, and so eM Client has some compatibility issues there.

I moved away from Google Calendar, and initially had some issues with GMX CalDAV. But through the efforts of GMX and eM Client developers, the situation was resolved and now works flawlessly for any users adding accounts with that provider.

I have no experience with SabreDAV/ownCloud, otherwise I would certainly try to help further.

Yeah, I also shift myself completely from Google, regarding mails (my own hosting), contacts, tasks and calendars (ownCloud @ my own hosting). I find Google very “hostile” in terms of being “cool” with their customers - I’ve been paying user of GSuite package; cut that out.

And I believe GMX or any other CalDAV server is just an implementation of well-known, open-source CalDAV protocol, it doesn’t really matter is this “pure” CalDAV, ownCloud, NextCloud, SabreDav, fruux or anything else.

Right you are. Even though they use the same protocol, there must be something different that is affecting your syncing. My CalDAVs sync on start-up and on schedule, so there must be something different somewhere. 

I just retested this by creating events through the web interface. On start-up eM Client displays them. If I create anything new in the web interface while eM Client is running, they appear as expected on the next scheduled sync.