Automatically tag email according to sender?

I have hundred of senders whose emails need to be tagged with one of three tags when they arrive. I can make one or more rules that have hundreds of senders listed but that’s laborious. Plus new senders would be added daily. Some other email clients have a button on each email you can simply tap and add that tag to all subsequent emails from that client. Does that exist in this app?

Gmail does this automatically with its three categories of emails and that would work for me, too, except I’m not on Gmail but 13 regular IMAP accounts.

Any idea how to make something work in Emclient? Thanks.

The only way you can automatically assign a tag to incoming messages is through a Rule.

Unfortunately the only way to add senders to the Rule is to create the Rule or edit an existing Rule, and add them manually. Sorry.

Greetings, 2023 Gary!

Just wondering if the workflow for this has become any easier?

I’m trying to add senders who aren’t in my contacts to a rule, in bulk, as part of a cleanup operation.

I figured the easiest and most efficient way would be to add a tag based on sender, and then a rule for incoming messages looking for a tag, and moving to a folder. (2 clicks: one right click on the email, and one left click to add tag to sender)

Unfortunately it looks like I can only tag an individual email in the main pane, so am forced into the rule dialogue, which requires that I can see/remember the spelling of the sender’s email address, which, in turn means I have to open each mail, then head over to the menu button, then to rules, find the rule, click edit, and then run through the relevant portions of the wizard. (in my test, 11 clicks + typing the address rule, for every single sender)

Is there a better workflow, where I can just scroll through my inbox, identify senders I want to be automatically moved to a folder and click a button to do so?

I’m new to the forum, and I know that some prefer new topics over replies to old ones, so I have created a new topic. Please let me know which should be deleted (if any), and I’ll do so.