Automatically select target folder in MOVE

When using the “Move to folder” option, may I suggest two improvements for workflow

  1. As you type characters to find a specific folder, all the sub folders displayed should be open. Otherwise, you have to keep clicking on folders to see the actual mail folders. Currently, this seems to work sometimes but not always. In a power user scenario, one is trying not to have to use the mouse.

  2. More importantly, please have the first (fully expanded) mail folder selected so that one can just press ENTER to file a message rather than having to click with the mouse

  3. Even better, the next time one tries to enter test to find a matching mail folder, the folders that show up should be ordered so that the one you most recently used is the first one. Again, a workflow issue.

The two other message filtering systems that I have previous mentioned both work this way and it’s much more efficient

It is a filter box, not a navigation. So you are asking for folders to be filtered on the text you have entered. The matching folders will be displayed with their parents, just so there is no confusion if you have similar named folders in multiple places.

Right-click on one of the folders and choose Expand All. The setting will be remembered so next time you choose Move To, they will still all be expanded.

There is absolutely no way to know that. Sorry.

Yes, I know what it is — other decent email systems (and the product I develop for that matter) use that concept as well — I’m also very glad that you allow arbitrary substrings rather than having to match from the beginning (say)

Yes, that’s fine

Will try that — but I think the first item should still be highlighted (and arrows can be used to move down/up) so that one can just press enter to file.

Why not? You just have to keep a list of “recently filed to” folders ordered by time (most recent first)

By the way, that same concept should be used when writing new emails so that when you start typing a name, the most recently used name that matches should show up first. Much faster when you have a large contact list (e.g, I have one Exchange contact list that has 5,000 or so names in it - it’s a unversity) and I rarely want any of those.

The way it works is that the more you send emails to a specific contact, the higher ranking it gets. The suggested matches are primarily sorted by that ranking, so if you have three contacts named Debbie, the one you send to most will always appear above the other two.

Yes - my apologies, it does now seem to be working that way - perhaps I just hadn’t sent out enough emails.

But you should be able to use that same ranking concept for prioritizing folders for moving messages.


This only works for one level as far as I can tell. For example, if I type ‘tesla’, I get the following:

and I have to click to expand that folder. That folder is remembered for the future, but I still have to expand folders manually if they haven’t been used before. I’m trying to get away from having to use the mouse so much for this kind of thing.

There is no “Expand All”