Automatically scroll the Inbox to the top when receiving new email

I miss new emails daily because of this unusually designed feature. In most other email clients I’ve used, when receiving a new email, the email list scrolls to the top to show the new emails received.
It is very unproductive to keep new emails hidden from the user, and there seems to be no reason to do that, since all the other email clients can manage.

I would at the very least welcome the option to click on the INBOX label and have the list scroll to the top, but that doesn’t happen either, for no reason at all. Ideally both these should be implemented - auto scroll to top + click on Inbox (or any folder) and go to the root of that folder.

No one expects the messages list to keep its scrolled position when clicking away to another folder in the account, like DRAFTS for example. You need to keep that email in focus? Double click on it and open it in a new window, problem solved.

I do not want to press HOME everytime I need to check and see the new emails, especially since this shortcut does not work unless you have selected the messages list. Which means that you have to press a key, then the mouse, now you’ve selected another email, then move the hand again, press the key again… It’s just bad UI

It is by design that your position in the message list for that folder is remembered until you restart the application.

You don’t need to. Just click on the Unread Favorites folder to see all new unread messages.

However, I have added your recommendation to the feature request list, so it may be considered for future development to provide an option NOT to remember your position in folders.

I know it’s by design, that’s why I’m requesting it in the Feature Request and not filling it as a bug.

Again, I know I can get to the top of the list in some ways. What I’m asking is for the interface of the client to update in such a way that it shows me I have new email, like any other email client. I don’t even need the currently selected email to be deselected, which would both keep my position in the list AND scroll to the top.

Thank you.