Automatically move conversation thread back to inbox when a new email arrives

I am using EM Client to manage my Office365 account. I have an inbox folder and one called ‘Archive’ which I use like the gmail “AllMail” to keep my inbox neater. The challenge is that when I get a new email in a chain, the chain stays in the Archive and doesn’t go back to the inbox so then I have new mail in my archive which I miss. Can I create a rule that automatically takes a conversation thread out of the Archive folder and back into the inbox folder if a new email arrives?  

The purpose of the conversation function is that you don’t have to move all the members of a conversation to one folder. Wherever one of them is, it will show them all no matter what folder they are in.

Does that make sense?

The emails in a conversation can be in many different folders; some in Inbox, some in Sent, some in Archive. So when a new email in a conversation arrives in Inbox, it will be displayed there as part of the conversation with all it’s members. But if you are in your Archive folder, and one of the emails in the conversation is also there, the new email will be displayed there as a member of the conversation as well, even if it is not physically there.