Automatically delete messages from server and store locally.

In Outlook there’s a very easy way to have it delete messages from the server after x days and keep all email transactions stored locally… essentially just using the server for sending and receiving. Might this be possible with EM Client?

As I’m the webmaster of several websites and want to keep the servers as light as possible, this is key feature. Haven’t purchased the pro version yet and this seems to be the one main thing keeping me from doing so.

Many thanks for your help.

You can either set your account using POP3 protocol or use our Automatic Archiving function (when using IMAP). Both ways should meet your needs. If you need any further info, do not hesitate to contact me directly at [email protected].

I have the same issue. What also bothers me is that if I delete messages off the server to clear up my mailbox, it deletes it directly from my inbox on the eM interface. I did enable ‘download messages for offline use’ but it keeps happening.

How do I activate Automatic Archiving function? I am using IMAP.

That is purpose of IMAP to reflect all the changes on the server. Automatic Archiving function can be simply enabled here: Tools - Settings - Mail - Automatic Archiving

Thanks so much!

I’m just setting up eM Client, porting over from Eudora OSD (Thunderbird) from a crashed system. I’ve solved some of the problems, working on others, but my 2 primary email accounts are POP3, and since my other machine crashed a while ago, and I’ve been using webmail for a while I have a month long backup of emails on the server, which is running out of space.

I’ve set up the 2 accounts as POP3, I’ve set the “Remove from server after 7 days”, all the emails have been downloaded, but I still have a month of emails on the server. What am I missing?


I have replied here POP3 message deletion on server

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