Automatically collapse folders once email drag-in-drop move is complete

It would be nice to have an option where if you drag an email to the folder listing that gets auto-expanded, it will collapse the expanded path once the drop is completed.

Basically how it works now is when you drag an email to a folder and wait, it will expand that folder structure automatically to show additional subfolders below it, and then you can drag to one of those sub-folders which will repeat the process to automatically make the sub-folder structure visible by expanding them. The problem is when the email drop is completed it stays expanded, and you have to manually collapse it back to how it was before the move process took place. It would be nice if once you drop the email into the folder you want, it would automatically collapse the folder structure back to the way it was before. Usually when I drag and drop an email to move it into multiple sub-folders, I don’t want to leave them expanded once the process is complete.

The above has been supported in Mac Mail for a long time and it would be a great option to see in a future eM Client version.