Automatically attach remote content.

I saw a description of this option in Thunderbird and was wondering if there was a way to replicate it in eM Client.  Essentially what it does is downloads and attaches remote content in email signatures to the email prior to sending.

The reason I ask is that I’ve set up my company’s email signatures to include content hosted on our website so that I can swap the images for holiday themed versions of our logo. (cheesy, right?)  
I thought it would be neat to have it set so each time a new email is composed, the program would download the remote content and attach it to the email.  This way our recipients don’t have to “allow remote content” when opening our emails.

Is there a way to do this in eM Client?  

Here is an example of my current signature:

AJ Arshem
Sales & Digital Marketing Specialist
Marshall Furniture Inc.
Marshall Furniture Logo
Marshall Furniture FacebookMarshall Furniture LinkedInMarshall Furniture TwitterMarshall Furniture PinterestMarshall Furniture YouTubeMarshall Furniture Instagram


Having an external image in your signature should work if you add it into your signature using the Insert -> Image as link option. To make it into a link, select the image and right-click -> Insert ->Link. When you then update the image on your website, it should be changed in the signature as well. Upon receiving the e-mails, all receivers will however be asked whether they want to allow external content.