Automatically applying rules to IMAP folders

I have been having trouble with blacklist and spam rules not being applied to my incoming IMAP folders. I’m using my server’s Procmail rules to pre-sort incoming messages into several folders. While I can specifically (and successfully) apply the rules to these incoming folders manually, I’m hoping there’s a way that eMClient can do so automatically.

How can I apply my incoming mail rules to a small subset of specific non-Inbox IMAP folders, automatically (preferably every time emails are retrieved from the server)?

You can’t.

Rules only apply automatically to the Inbox.

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Thanks for your quick reply Gary!

This seems like a pretty big limitation of the Rules implementation in eMClient.

Is there a way to set up a rule so that it always operates on a specific folder (i.e. without having to select that folder from a picker list every time)?

Also, is there a way to run a rule on a schedule, like every 5 minutes?

Also, is there a way to create an easily accessible button on a toolbar, to run a specific rule without having to go menu diving?

Unfortunately the answer to all those questions is also No.

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Wow. I’m very sorry to hear your reply. But thank you for it nonetheless. :slight_smile:

Rules are probably more than enough for most users. However, there are some aspects of the implementation that do not work for more advanced filtering. I use server-side filters for most things because I have more options there, and because that works better with multiple devices.

But who knows how this feature will develop in eM Client.