Automatically add new sent email addresses to contacts automatically


Is there a way to automatically make a new contact, if it does not exist, for the recipient?  Many other email clients have this feature.



right click on address in the email

I think you did not read the word “AUTOMATICALLY”

So, can I assume this is not possible with EM?


You can assume correctly. eM Client does not automatically add recipients to Contacts. But what it does do, is add them to the recipient history. You will find that in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose > Recipients History.

Unfortunately there is no way to add those in bulk to Contacts either.

The appearance of such a function in e-mail has become optimal for the users. This saves us from unnecessary data entry of a new contact.

For anyone stumbling upon this, I have made a feature request here - Automatically add new Contacts when e-mails received and sent - Feature request - eM Client