Automatic setup for google apps account does not work with Windows 8

I have tried the automatic setup of a google apps account, but the authentication page fails to load. After a long time, the “refresh page” message appears. I could set up a regular gmail account without problems, but face the same authentication problem with yahoo and other gmail accounts too. My internet access, browser, firewall, etc. seem ok and I could set up the google apps account on another computer running on Windows 10 using the same internet access without problems. Any idea, what may be wrong?

Hi András,
is your internet explorer up to date? Can you login into this gmail account through IE?


Hi Olivia,
Thank you for the instant response.
My IE is up to date (version 10.0.9200.17568, with automatic updates turned on).  I have also tried Firefox and Chrome, each time setting them as default browsers, without success.
I can log into both, the gmail and google apps accounts without problems using any of the browsers.