Automatic set fields in contacts entries

hi !

in two of my contacts i find entries named ‘other’ and ‘other 2’ that are set and filled automatically

deleting these entries only works until next sync

both contacts are synced from gmail and none of them has that fields set/defined in gmails-contact-DB

these fields also do not appear within the contacts on my android phone or in windods10 contacts app

so: where are these entries come from and how can i delete them permanently ?

thanks for hints Kurt

Go to the Contacts section in eM Client.

Right-click on the Gmail Contacts folder.

Choose Properties > Repair.

Thank you

but there is no change

i tried two ways:

  1. contacts repaired, fields other and other2 deleted - next sync - they are here again
  2. fields other and other2 deleted - contacts repaired - next syncy - they are here again

What information is in these two fields, and is the same as you have in custom fields in your Google Contacts web interface?

These two fields are filled with my to mail-adresses

These two fields do not occure in my Gmail Contacts accessed via Web or Android gmail

You mean the contact’s email address?

The repair method I described will have removed all the Google contacts from eM Client, then downloaded them again from the server. If after doing that, these fields are still there, then they are in the contact on the server, otherwise they would not be displayed.

But you can remove the Gmail account from eM Client and confirm the contact is no longer there. Then add the Gmail account back again and see what you get. That way, there is no doubt that the data is coming from the server, otherwise where would it come from?

yes – its the kernel of my question – where do these data come from

because if these data come from gmails-contacts server (where i can not
see them!!) an i delete them within em-client, they also should be deleted
within gmail during next sync - exactly as ist works with all other
data when they be changed/deleted within em-client

meanwhile i did some more investigation and for the moment it seems to me
that em-client generates these data out from the google-account directly and
the settings for alternative adresses i made there

i will do some more tests to verify that

so at this point i thank you for your feedbacks and suggest to leave
the topic on hold until there are further findings