Automatic schedule email

Hi I was just curious if there is a way to schedule when an email is sent, or even if there is an add on or option that allows emails to be sent automatically / periodically. If this is not a feature it would be a great feature to have as I believe MS Office has this ability.

add on” - with emClient? You are kidding, right? ^^

Nevertheless, it’s not (yet) possible with emClient. OTH, to get this running with emClient has to run in the background to handle scheduled sending for you.

Don’t know though, if it is possible with the Exchange connector.Version 7, yet to be released, offers a vacation responder, which too requires an Exchange server as a backend.


Hi Mark,
this feature will be available in version 7 (and already works for all accounts in the BETA) and is called Delayed send.
The message will be waiting in your local outbox to be sent though, so eM Client needs to be running at this time for this feature to work.


thanks Oliviia. is there an estimates release date for version 7? i am currently using version 6.0.24928.0.
many thanks

Hello Mark,
there is no estimated release date yet, it will depend on the stability of the program after the next wave of BETA testing.