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I’m trying to use Mailwasher Pro with eM Client, but I’m having difficulty finding out how to turn off automatic checking in eM Client. Maybe I haven’t set up eM Client properly, but it frequently gets the messages before Mailwasher does, and so they are not processed by Mailwasher first.

I’d appreciate some advice on how to make em Client work with Mailwasher, which seems to be working OK.

Uncheck these 2 options and it should do what you want…

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Thanks. That was what I originally assumed, and they were unchecked, but the problem remaiins. That was why I wondered if I haven’t got eM Client set up right.

Sounds like you may have to adjust a setting possibly in Mail Washer Pro itself.

Maybe suggest (if you haven’t already) to also ask Mail Washer directly via their email address or community forum. See details below. I too can only think to disable Synchronization on startup in eM Client as @sunriseal advised above.

Support Product Help - MailWasher (

Contacting Firetrust support
Direct email support is available from the Firetrust support team at

Firetrust Community Forums

The online user forum is a huge resource which contains a lot of questions and answers from Firetrust staff and thousands of users. The forum is located at


It turned out that it was an imap issue. Changing to pop3 solved the problem. I would have tried that earlier, but eM Client only offered an imap account when I created the connection to my new ISP. I’m surprised that the user doesn’t have a choice. Fortunately the account with my old ISP was pop3 and so I was able to edit the details of that account to get pop3 with my new ISP. Otherwise it’s not clear how I could have used pop3.

Not being given the choice seems to be a defect with eM Client. Automatic setup of accounts using default settings can be very useful for many people, but if you’re trying to do something a bit different it can be a pain.

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Glad you got that working ok.

eM Client only offered an imap account when I created the connection to my new ISP.

Most ISP accounts these days would be IMAP / Exchange etc by default for customers when the eM Client Automatic Wizard queries the MX (Mailbox) Records of the server, but eM Client supports POP account setup (Override) via the “Other” Mail option below the “Automatic Wizard” where you can manually type in your POP or IMAP settings from your ISP Website.

Ah. Many thanks. I hadn’t realised that the option was there.

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