Automatic language detection for Spell Checking

spell checking only works if the correct language is set. i think it’s pretty common nowadays to write emails in 2 languages, in your local language, and English for international communication. Hence a auto detection feature should recognize what language is being used and spell checking should be set accordingly. It’s annoying to change languages manually for every new email - its 2021!

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Here’s a short script for autohotkey, I use to switch between German (alt+d) and English (alt+e).
#IfWinActive .*Neue Nachricht
SendInput, {appskey}
sleep, 300
SendInput, r{enter}{down}{enter}
SendInput, {appskey}
sleep, 300
SendInput, r{enter 2}

“.*Neue Nachricht”
This corresponds to German installations of emClient. You may need to adapt that to the window title of new messages of your installation. May be that this is a solution for someone until the team of emClient finds out that todays businesses often need more than one language.

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You can set eM Client’s spell checker to your keyboard. So when you change your keyboard to another language, the spell checker adjusts accordingly.

I see how this might be a solution for certain countries, but i never change the keyboard language.
I doubt any German user will, since the Keyboardlayout changes completely and you can’t type certain things anymore. So this is no real life working solution.

Why dont you team up with ? They license their autocorrect & multi-language detection to 3rd parties.