Automatic file repository

I think this is a good idea, and something that users are looking for actually.

1st alternative;

Incoming mail attachments can be automatically saved to a user defined folder.
They can be classified according to year - month - day of their dates.

This process may also check for duplication and behave accordingly.
Like only saving a shortcut etc.

2 nd (and better) alternative

eM client may have an internal file browser, and show a “virtual attachment repository” to the user. One can easily search, classify and organize these files. And copy (drag&drop) files from this window to his own desktop etc.

This will help users to reach /organize their files easily.



I think lot of these features are satisfied by our Attachment history in right-sidebar. We will consider improvement (e.g. duplication checking, classification, better organization) though.

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for the reply.

I’m new with eM Client, but as far as I understand, existing “attachment history” shows only files from the selected contact.
I’m talking about a global one, which might act and look like a browser / organizer.



Option to choose folders and then option to display history for the whole domain or only my conversations is already implemented in our internal versions so it will be available with some next update.