Automatic Deletion of Inbox Messages

Since the last update whenever i read an incoming e-mail in my inbox and delete it, the succeeding messages are also automatically deleted? Also the mouse cursor seems to be unable to line up with the place at which I need it to be in text.


the problem with cursor is impossible to recreate, can I please see screenshots of it with description?

About that email deletion, you are asking that if you delete email then any other emails which will come from same address will be deleted too?

If so then of course not, that would be very weird and nonsense behaviour, only way how you can achieve this is to create rule that deletes emails on receive from specified email.

I hope that I have understood your issues well.


Thanks I had an idea which I am trying out and seems to be working! I have changed the mouse - I have a sense it was not lining up the cursor properly so would actually do things not obvious from the screen. let me experiment for a couple of days so far it seems to be working…

well then I am happy that it works for you now, if your issue will be presented again then please contact us again.

with regards