Automatic delete mail older than defined data in one folder?


actually I check to switch from Outlook to emClient. Looks very good. :+1:

Especially for my IMAP-Spam-folders Im looking for a solution to delete(local and Server) all mails which are older than a defined date. Let me say for instance three months.
I dont want to archive all that bullshit and also not to delete it manually.
In the past I also used some newsletter-folders and therefore the same mechanism.

May be for IMAP this should be a server feature. I use Sieve-Input-Filters on the server. So all mail-clients on the different devices have the mail in the correct folders. But I dont find a solution to clean some folders automatically.

For this case I think it will be helpfull when emClient do this job. This will be(Im actually testing :wink:) my main client and used every day in the office. When Im working mobile it will be not a problem if the special folders are not uptodate for a few days.

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This may be of help:

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:clap: Thanks a lot for the quick response. Due to an misspelling foldername for the SPAM-Folder this hasnt worked for me :see_no_evil:. SPAM is now ok. Have I got it right that this mechanism is not available for other folders?

If you mean deleting older messages on exit, that is only available for the Junk folder.

But your email provider may have some options on folder retention. Usually that is just for Trash and Junk, but some have options for other folders as well.

I regret to say that I search a long time to find a provider with sieve-filters in Germany. This was my biggest obstacle in moving from exchange to IMAP/CardDav/CalDav some years ago. Unfortunately, the folder retention function is not available there. In theory I agree with you that this should be a server and not a client function. I know you don’t want to hear that, but Outlook did this very well. A lot of other things not. Thats why Im willing to change after using Outlook from its very beginning. A long time ago I have to do that because my boss wanted me to do so. Previously I used evolution on linux and it was way better to that time. Anyway, I found other users in the forum who wanted a retention function. Is there truely no chance to get it in emClient?