Automatic correction of 'hanging' Shift key (Autocorrection)

It would be great if EM-Client offered the feature of MS Word to correct ‘hanging’ shift keys. Autocorrection: TExt > Text.
Thanks a lot!

Hi RR18,

Thank you for your idea. I’ll add it to our feature request list and other users can vote for it.


Hello @Russel_Markosky,

I was just about to request the same feature because it seems not to exist yet.

Found this thread, but can’t find the mentioned feature request to vote for. Could you post a link here please?


It doesn’t look like Russel M. is active on this forum anymore. You might try directing your request to one of the active moderators/eMC employees listed here:

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On the previous platform where this forum was hosted, there was an option to vote for feature requests. That is why it is mentioned in that older post. That option is not available for users on this Discourse forum. Sorry.

Just leave your support for the topic here in the form of a comment.

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I see.
Should this topic be moved to the “Feature request” section maybe?