automatic backup - eM Client v7

With the new v7 of eM Client, automatic backup does not work. 

When windows launch the automatic backup from the task scheduler (dbbackup.exe -backup -silence), it wait a few seconds, and after it display an error message box, something like “eM Client is currently running. To continue please stop eM Client”.

For information, when I do a manual backup from file menu, it works fine (seems to suspend eM Client while doing the backup).

With the old v6 it was working fine.

we plan to change this information window soon.
If you close the application and then choose to Try again, does the Backup work?


Hello Olivia,

No, when you close it there is no option to try again.  It just pops back up at some time in the future with the same error.  Use to work fine in em6.

I just installed em7 recently and am experiencing the same thing but I had the exact same problem in em6. I’d be interested in knowing what the fix is.

I have the same issue. There is little to no reason why the automated backup process can’t mimic the process being executed when the backup option is selected manually.

Same issue here in July 2017 with version 7 on Windows 10.  Manual backup works OK–eM Client shuts down automatically, backup runs, eM Client restarts automatically.  But when backup is run as a scheduled event, the eM Client does not shut down so we receive an error message and the backup does not run.  This is the main problem that keeps me from purchasing eM Client as my primary mail client.  Until it is fixed, I’ll be staying with Outlook.