Automatic attachment extraction from attachments view

I am using Thunderbird once a quarter to just dump all attachments into one archive folder on the hard drive to reduce the size of my mailboxes. Which is not very handy, because I need to keep it installed just for archiving purposes. Is it possible to add such a function to em Client?

The idea is to have one button to automatically save all attachments and replace the attachment on the mail with a txt “Deleted: filename”. This last part is the nice thing about the feature in Thunderbird, because you know that the attachment was removed, rather than not having any indication at all.

  • Start from “Attachments” page
  • Save all attachments (have a selection of either overwrite or number the file if already there)
  • Leave a note on mail

It’s not Thunderbird option they discovered. First was Eudora that automatically detached all attachments during email receiving and keeps mailboxes as plain as possible. Even more - attachments while sending was taken from file folder without adding them into emails. They was encoded in-the-fly.

Then The Bat! has option to automatically detach attachments. Still has. But it not work that good like in Eudora case (Eudora can recognize which attachments was real and which ones are part of message like small images in footer etc - and place them in separate folder, not with all other attachments).

I really liked that idea to browse my attachments without even opening email client. But now, with attachment borwser, in 64bit systems era, big drives and NTFS format, there is no need for that anymore.

I made that request long time ago. It will never be implemented. It’s probably not how eM Client works or can work, especially with its new attachment indexing feature.

Eudora? That takes me back ages… Back to topic. In the attachment view, you can go in and do a “Select All” then “Save As” and then perform a delete, which almost does what is required. The beauty of the “Attachment Extractor” is this little extra step of leaving the note that the attachment was removed.
Luckily I try to remember to copy attachments to the corresponding project folders straight away, so I am not in the top 10 mailbox size in my company (I think last ranking you needed >2 GB of mailbox size), but the mailbox should not be a repository.