Automatic archiving setup issue

I’m currently field-testing eMClient as a successor to Windows Live Mail. Looks VERY good and well designed and implemented. Congrats !
However, when it comes to IMAP mail archiving, the parameters don’t allow for a distinct timeframe for SENT mails (vs INBOX). Automatic archive folder is a nice place to manually backup mails once a year (for instance) in view of server space limitation, so Year N-1 is a good target. However, for SENT mails, it would be convenient to be able to archive them as time goes by, i.e. setting a distinct delay of 1 DAY for instance.
This added flexibility makes sense, since SENT mails are not “server-space sensitive”, contrary to incoming messages, yet need to be archived/saved for future long-term reference (up to now I manually save a year’s worth of in/out mails on my NAS every January)
Could you consider this feature as a possible enhancement in the near future ?
Thanks for advising

The Automatic Archiving feature does archive as time goes by, (e.g. every 7 days archive messages older than 120 days) and by selecting All Mail Folders that will also include the Sent folder.

I am interested to know which mail server you are using that has a size limit on the Inbox, but not on the Sent folder.