Automatic Archiving excluding inbox

Hi, Is there a way to use the AutoArchiving Feature excluding emails from my Inbox folder?

I can do that in Outlook by stablishing general auto archiving rules for all folders and then going to my Inbox specific folder properties and tick an “exclude from auto archiving” option. However I can’t seem to find how to do it here.

I can stablish an All Folders Scope but it will auto archive also emails in my Inbox that some times are older than my archiving timeframe, but I want to keep them in the server to search for them in other devices.

Thank you.

Unfortunately not. The only options are None, Inbox, Inbox and Subfolders, or All Mail Folders. Also there is a bug in Automatic Archiving in that it will archive Local Folders at the same time, even though that is not selectable in the scope.

Thank you Gary, It’s so sad! I really liked this e-mail client, but without that feature I’d have to change my whole workflow.