Automatic Archive to other Mailbox

i have a Synology Mail Archiv and want to archiv Mails to this Mailbox
in Thunderbird it is possible to archive in a Structur (per Mont , Year etc.)


eM Client offers two types of Arching.

  1. Server-side Archiving. If your server supports it and announces a special archive folder for this purpose, the Archive button will be available. Clicking on it will move the message from its location to the server Archive folder. This folder is displayed among your other IMAP folders for that account.

  2. Automatic Archiving. This will move messages based on their age to a local set of Archive folders. Its purpose is to reduce storage on the server by creating a duplicate folder set on your device. It runs on a schedule.


why no Server-side Archiving automatic ?

currently you have to run Thunderbird in the interground that you can exploit all possibilities