Automated replies

I searched in the forum, and the last mention I saw about this topic was 2020.

Where is the automated reply function? I have been a PRO user since 2017. It used to be there, and I know I used it in the past but my current version (the latest available) of eM client does not have automated replies under Tools.

In fact, both Automated replies and mail forwarder are missing.

Please do not say this function is exclusively available on Gmail accounts because that would be a major failure on eM Client’s part.

I use my own company’s domain, not Gmail - and as a business dealing with clients from all over the world, it is essential that I’m able to set up auto-replies for OOO or when there are national holidays, and our office is closed.

Automatic Replies (or Out of the Office) is dependent on the type of server you are using.

If your server supports it, the option will be in Menu > Tools. If it doesn’t support it, there will not be an option in Menu > Tools. This feature is currently available only for users with Gmail accounts, IceWarp accounts and accounts which use Exchange Web Services protocol.

If the option is not there in eM Client, then you may still be able to set this through the webmail interface for your provider. Ask them what options they have.

Thank you Gary.
I have access to the webmail interface of my provider I will see directly if it can be done there.