Automated initial configuration

Is there any way I can preconfigure eM for new users somehow? I mean, some sort of command line arguments like “add-new-account --type=gmail – --password=mypass” instead of running a form wizard? I’m willing to change Outlook/Thunderbird/others to unified solution in my company, but I don’t want to configure it for every employee manually and want to script it somehow!


You can export the account settings to an XML file.

Then you can edit this XML file in a ‘normal’ text editor and use on other computers.

file > export

screen shot:

Hi, send me an email to, I can send you a deployment guide that contains all the essential information for deploying eM client remotely using the .xml file.

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Thanks Hans!

Paul - thank you for sending me the deployment guide! I think that all the info I would need is there!

For future reference, I would like to add here one crucial line from info provided by Paul that compliments Hans’ idea. To automatically import settings from command line you do:

MailClient.exe /importsettings -s C:\PATH\_TO\_XML\_FILE\settings.xml /activate

Glad I could help, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.

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