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I’m a small business owner who handles communication with clients on a day-to-day basis. I’ve been dying for an e-mail client to offer a feature that can schedule automatic follow-up e-mails for me using a series of templates.

This feature could be used for so many purposes such as sales or inter-office communications. Following up is always a chore that could be so easily automated and of course time is money. Have an option when sending an e-mail to schedule a follow-up and select the follow-up template you want to use.

My ideal functionality would be something like this: after 2 days of no response (user determines the amount of days) send follow-up template #1, wait another 2 days send follow-up template #2, wait another 2 days send final follow-up template #3.

Might be a pipe-dream that this post does anything but damn I hope it does. If anyone else out there has a solution, I’m all ears.

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lunes 26 julio 2021 :: 2333hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Ciminelli

Email automation can be setup using this software and can be used free within certain limits.
We use it to mail our clients on a regular basis using a selection of templates.

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Aside from business use, I use this feature all the time for personal bills to schedule the payment when I receive an emailed bill or statement. Currently I have to run two email clients. I use thunderbird with an add on in order to get the followup capability. Outlook also has this feature but I don’t like outlook. Would love to have this feature in em client so I could use it for both my business and my personal email accounts.