AutoCorrect / Replace text as you type

I’ve seen a similar post, but that was not anwered finally. eM has the Quick Text feature, but this is not exactly the the same - it’s rather similar to MS Office Quick Parts.
As an MS Office user I am used to the “Replace Text as you type” feature, which is a part of AutoCorrect, see…

Example: You can define: Replace “br.” with “Best regards, Juergen” - each time you type br., it will be automatically replaced. And not only in MS Word, but in all MS Office applications. Once you defined a replacement string, it is enabled in all MS Offioce components.
That means, MS Office has a global data base for these replacements.
So why not use this feature in eM as well? The idea is, that eM Clients offers the replace feature, along with an optional import from MS Office. That would be a great option.
Well, Mr. Gates might be not amused, but so what…

  • Juergen