Autocompletion of e-mail-addresses shows all of the recipients e-mail-addresses instead of the expected one

In compose window, when i start to type the first few letters of the recipients e-mail-address, I would expect that that one, that really matches, would be the only remaining one.
However, all of that recipients e-mail-addresses are always displayed:

And the first one (on top of the list) is always the selected one in the list, so that this one would be chosen/inserted into the “to:”-field, if I would hit the “ctrl” key (what I am always used to do in order to chose/insert the recipients mail-address).

Hi, from this screenshot I’m  not able to tell if this might be an issue or not, does the first name not contain “stew” on the beginning?
eM Client’s autocomplete is giving you all possible options, but the first option should always contain the whole inserted criteria. What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Thank you,

Hi Paul, only the last entry matches. The last one is the only one that contains “stew”.
Hope this Screenshot is more helpful:

Hi again,
do you have all these email addresses saved under one contact in your contacts folder?
If so, which one is set as primary?

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Hi Paul,
all of the mail addresses are saved within the same contact:

Is the primary mail address the one stated in the first tab ?:

Yes the first one displayed should be the primary, If you click on the button (Privat) you should see all the different addresses and you should be able to choose the primary address as well.

Hope this helps,

Thanks. I checked this. “stew…” is really the primary one.

Nevertheless, in a compose window, when I start to type “stew” all 6 e-mail-addresses of that contact are displayed. Not only the one that really matches “stew…”

Hi again, yes all the emails assigned to the contacts should be displayed, that’s unfortunately intended behavior. I believe the only issue here would be why is the primary email not shown first.

I’ve reported the issue to the developers and I’m currently waiting for a response.

Thank you for your patience,