Auto Tagging / Remove Tags


We have this user case:

After we finish dealing with customer’s emails, we tag them as “Finished”
We don’t look at these but often a customer will reply to an old thread and order new things.
That makes the thread unfinished, new emails are added to it, we have to deal with it again.
Currently if the previous emails are tagged as finished, the whole thread is still showing that tag.
Is there any way we can create a rule that if a new email/s gets added to a thread or emails tagged with a certain tag, that tag is removed. Alternatively it can be that all tags are removed.
I appreciate the fact that once answered, all of the thread comes at the top (though the tag stays the same) but as we are few people here, it is possible that someone actually had finished the job, so we need a better way of categorizing new emails that get added to old threads.

A bit off topic but connected:
I would imagine (and this is something of a gripe I have with eM Client) that if new emails were coming at the top of the threads that would have done the trick. We would have preferred the order of threaded view to be New to Old emails, i.e new on the top, old following up. I have read some debates here about why should it be the way it is now, but when dealing with a thread of 50 emails, scrolling down every time is a huge pain in the back. We are not interested to see emails going back 2 years ago on the top of a thread, we need the latest one on the top so we can deal with it. And we have threads going back years ago and some of them are 100 emails long.
Before someone says that this is bad practice, try teaching people/customers to do it differently/not to place new orders on the back of old emails! We have tried, it doesn’t work!

If there was a way to manually split threads, that would have also helped!
Also, sometimes eM Client makes errors and adds emails to the wrong threads.

The tag is not on the new message. You will see this if you disable conversations using Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations. Rather it is on on old message. But when using conversations, the tags for all messages in the conversation will be displayed.

A different way to approach this is to use a Rule to give all new messages a tag like To Do. Then when you have completed dealing with the messages, remove the tag. If another message arrives later on, it will get the To Do tag added, then that conversation will again be tagged for your attention.

We already do that for Pro license users. Just click on the message count in the conversation in the message list. The thread view that opens will display messages listed with newest at the top. But in the message preview (reading pane) we display the messages in the order you will read them. So oldest at the top. Just like reading a book, chapter 1 first, then 2 then 3. Of course those you have previously read will be collapsed and focus will move to the oldest unread message. So you don’t need to scroll through 50 messages to find your place as eM Client will open right to where you last read the conversation.

You can manually remove a message from the conversation. Export the message you want to remove from the conversation as an eml then delete the message in eM Client. Edit the eml file and remove any headers that reference the other messages in the conversation. So those like In-Reply-To and References. When you have finished editing the eml, save it and import the eml back into eM Client.

That is an option though we approach emails without tags differently. If we mark them as read, they are looked at but not assigned yet.
Maybe we can do a tag called unsigned or unprocessed, but how do we strip all the old tags automatically?

This is hard work, we have to consider the fact that some users are not technically minded, there must be an easier way otherwise no one will do it. Also we receive a lot of emails every day.

We have pro licenses and I understand where you are coming from but we really need to be able to reverse the order in the conversation view. That was possible in another software we used previously and from experience, I have established that it works better for us. Believe it or not, it felt easier to comprehend as well.
When you do it where the message count is, you have to go through the emails one by one in order to preview. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves what is written in the previous few emails and having them laid down as it is in the conversation view is easy to just glance over the last few emails and see what we were talking about.
We would save considerable time every single day if we could have the newest on the top in the conversation view. It was tried and tested over a period of many years (when we used the other software).

Have been thinking about that since yesterday and I don’t think this a good idea actually.
If all the incoming email gets yet another tag, which tag gets priority? Also we already have tags allocated to people that deal with certain emails. I want the other tags to be unaffected, it is only for a certain tag (Finished) that we need something to happen.
That gets me back to my original question: Is there any way we can make a rule that removes the finished tag once we receive a new email?