Auto Spell Check does not work

I have followed the steps multiple times to try to get the auto spell check to work and I simply do not get misspelt words underlined so that I can correct.
Can anyone help with this?

If you are running v8, ensure that you are running the current version 8.0.3385.0

I have the same problem. I have checked for updates but there are none, so I presume I have the latest version. Everything is checked and there should be an auto spell check, but it doesn’t work.

Thanks so much. This worked and I now have mis spelt words underlined in red.

Hi Dianac
Install version 8.0.3385.0. it resolves the problem.

Sounds like you are NOT running the latest version… use this link…

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It is indeed resolved with the latest update. Unfortunately, checking for updates in the application doesn’t bring up this one at all, so I assumed I was on the latest when I wasn’t. Thanks for the help, all!

It is my understanding that the “check for update” option NOW works after installing one of the last 2 updates…