Auto-Show Preview Pane


Please HIDE preview pane, until a message is clicked.

That way, i get full width on message list, but don’t need to double-click to open the messages in a separate window. Best of both worlds.

Just auto-show the preview pane when a message is selected.

Need a way to hide preview pane too.


HI, I am having hard time imaging what do you mean. Is it hovering over emails in rightside panel? Or panel itself or when you click on email that rightside main window?

Please make screenshot of what do you mean so I can see what do you mean.


When i click on a mail in the main message list.

Not talking about hovering.

At least, give us a keystroke to toggle the preview pane. The menu takes too much time, too many clicks.

I think there is always an e-mail selected in the list with e-mails, so if you should have selected to show the preview pane, it will always be there.

I agree it’s a good idea to make a shortcut to show/hide the preview pane.

Main toolbar - View - Layout - Message Panel off.


yep, i know how to do it that way. too many clicks!

i’d rather a single keystroke.


well this is something you do not do all the time, but it is not planned anyway at this moment.


maybe it is not something YOU do all the time, but it IS something I do all the time! Please design your product FOR ME.

1/2 the time, i’m scrolling the list. When i do that, i want full-height.

1/2 the time i’m reading the preview pane. When i do that, i want full height.

I prefer the preview pane, because it is faster to load than opening the message in a separate window.

Unfortunately it is not planned in foreseeable future.