Auto-scrolling no longer works with ASB (Bank's) Morning Brief

Our bank changed how they write (or what they use to write) their daily briefing sessions and these now no longer can be pinned with the mouse wheel and auto-scrolled directly in eM Client.

The workaround is to copy the link across into a browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome (Firefox was also affected and will now only scroll after multiple attempts [anywhere from three to ten mouse wheel clicks] to pin the starting point). Unfortunately, the Bank doesn’t give a stuff and will not be changing back or do anything else about it!

In eM Client, it looks like the starting point is pinned and the drag arrow initially appears, but it then disappears again after a short movement and nothing ever starts auto-scrolling.

I hope eM Client can fix this auto-scrolling in a future release.

This version (dated 6th Nov 2023) auto-scrolls correctly:

This is an example that no longer auto-scrolls in eM Client:

OS is Windows 11 Home, Ver 22H2 and eM Client is 9.2.2157