Auto Reply/Vacation Reply needed in rules

I’m considering switching to eM as my primary email client with a Pro account but I need to be able to set an auto reply when on vacation without using a side server. Having options in the rules on the “then” side of “if/then” other than moving an email to a folder is needed. A “reply with” option in the rules would be helpful. 

More so, I would love to see a “On Vacation” option for each email account where any incoming emails would receive an automatic reply telling them when you will be back in the office. 

I simply love all the other features and would happily to move all my accounts from Thunderbird to eM and purchase the Pro version, but not having any options to automatically reply to incoming messages is a deal breaker for me. It could mean losing potential new clients. Thunderbird has had this flexibility in it’s rules for over a decade. I was quite surprised to find it wasn’t a feature in eM. 

If you are using Exchange or GMail, you can make use of eM Client’s Automatic Replies, which will set the server’s out of office replies for you. Quite simple really.

I’m not using gmail or Exchange. That’s the issue. My email goes through the email server on my domain. I want to be able to set an auto-reply within eM as I don’t manage my mail server. 

Oh, and this only works with IMAP. POP users cannot make use of this feature because it uses the Google Features service which is not available in POP settings.

As Gary correctly stated, the vacation responder ONLY works with gmail or exchange.

Thus my original post.