Auto mail tagging?

I have 2 accounts in emClient… hotmail and Gmail. Everytime i get mail in my Gmail account, it is automatically being tagged as important, and the color is changing to yellow. I tried editting the tag options and unselected ‘mail’ as being part of that tag, but it doesnt seem to have worked. How can i make sure mail is not being automatically tagged?

I have a similar issue with eM Client 8 (which I, in general, find much better than others here in the forum):

Sometimes (not always), when I receive e-mails with attachments, the mail is tagged as “DTAG Document” (which is a tag that doesn’t even exist in other contexts).

Seems in both cases to be a programming error that causes eM Client to misinterpret certain header data (or so) as tags.

Look at this thread and the links in there to remove the “Important” tag:

i THOUGHT i fixed this by going into my actual Gmail settings outside of eM, and changing the settings there, as there is a rule that marks mail as important. however, that did not seem to solve things.

also, the link to the “changed colors” thread didnt realy offer any help either unfortunately.

disabling tags all together would be helpful, if that was an option, but i dont see that anywhere either.

oh actually, this seems to have fixed it…

Thank you, Peter30, that helped me solve the “DTAG”-issue.

@ Aaron_Pozzer: The “eM Client 8 changed colors” thread also contains the following hint, that should work as well: “I ultimately had to go to Accounts in eM Client, and then click on the IMAP tab. From there I went down to Tags, “Show Important Tags”, and click on “Never” on the drop down box.”

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