Auto forward emails from a particular email address to another emailal address

My wife and I have separate email addresses and separate email accounts. We each get emails from particular email addresses that we would like the other to read. Can I set up automatic forwarding (say) of emails received in my account from a particular email address to my wife’s email address?

It is best you set this up on your email server, that way even if you don’t open your email client, you use another email client at some stage during the day, you connect using your phone, etc., the messages will still be forwarded to your wife. Most providers allow you to setup filters which you can do by using their web-mail interface.

If you want to do it in eM Client, you can use a Rule. Go to Menu > Tools > Rules and create a New Rule.

Choose Apply custom rule on messages I receive.

Working your way through the wizard by clicking Next , you can setup the Rule as above. Clicking on the links in the Rule preview will allow you to enter the email addresses.

You can enter as many email addresses as you wish in a single Rule.

Thank you very much for a very fast, very detailed reply to my question. m I will try setting up the forwarding in my email server. David

I second that - Very useful

Thank you.  Your response was extremely helpful.