Auto expand forwarded message

When a contact forwards me an email, I can’t read it until I click the three dots icon.
It’s annoying and useless, as many people just forward and send with no extra information, so I have to expand the email every time I get to that message.
Yes, I know I can disable conversation view, but I do want conversations view! Those are separated things! A forwarded email is NOT a conversation between three people.
Please, fix this or add an “Auto expand forwarded content” option.
It’s just too slow to click an email and then have to click again to read the content.


Wazzu, maybe you should have posted this as an Idea rather than a Problem because it is an intentional feature not a bug.

Personally I find it most useful; I can read messages from others without cluttering the screen with all the previous comments. And it is especially useful in those long threads where the sender may have commented at the end of the quote. If I do need to refer to the previous message , I can just click on the dots. Also, I tend to ignore any messages forwarded to me without a sender’s comment, so no problem there for me.

It does keep with the simple and polished aesthetic of eM Client, but I do agree with you that there could be an option to disable this feature should anyone not want to use it.

Sorry, Gary, don’t know how to edit my message’s category
I know it might be a good idea yor you, cause you like to ignore those emails, but mst of us just get those emails from lazy clients and just have to accept it. It’s not a personal opinion, is a technical failure.
Imagine, if I forward you an email right now, just one email to resend you something, you won’t be able to read it unless you make another click action, it’s crazy!

An email client shoudn’t hide email content by default. Ever.
Grouping conversations is something different, but in the most simple case (just a quick forward) is just a pain that EM Client does not show me the content of the email I want to read and I cannot change that behavior by default.
Thanks the problem, not the idea: EM Client hides valuable content from my emails just because of conveersation grouping. That could be an option, but never a default feature.

I do agree with you Wazzu, that the option should be there to disable it.

I submitted an idea at

Please vote and add your comments, and hopefully it will be considered by the development team.