Auto entry of ics events

In Outlook when an email is received containing an ics file the event is added to the calendar automatically when the email is opened. In eM Client you have to respond even though the event is for information only and needs no response.

Can eM behave in a similar manner?


eM Client does not support this at the moment, but we are considering it.

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Thank for the reply - hope this will be added

Was it somehow resolved in version 6?

I’m still unable to add an ics-format event in my calendar in other way by manually importing it.

Hi, you should be able to import .ics files exported from outlook by standard in version 6, are you having issues with this?

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I can manually import (File => Import and so on) ics files with no problem but what I’d like to have is to open / double-click a file attached to a message and have an option to add it to the calendar.

If you have a .ics file and double click it it should automatically offer you the import to eM Client, asking you to what folder you want the events import to.

This is a feature in version 6, thank you,

Well, I’m running version 6.0.20025 and when I double click an ics file, it just gets opened with no further application reaction and without asking me about importing.
Is there an option I should enable in order to achieve this?

Hi, I admit I’m using a newer version, can you try updating your application to this version and let me know if you still don’t see any popup for the import on double click (…).

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Thank you for providing the updated version!

I don’t have the message with an ics file attached anymore, but I’ve downloaded such file from a webpage (containing a webinar details) and opened it with eM Client. There was no popup, but when I clicked “save” the appointment got recorded in my calendar!

But this might have been caused by me having a single calendar only - so there was no need for me to choose the calendar for the import.

Hi, yes that might be the cause of the issue.
But if you manage to test it out and it doesn’t work, let me know we’ll take a look at it.

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