Auto email to specified recipients daily

I have to send an email daily to specified recipients with an excel sheet from a specified folder. The excel sheet will be updated throughout the day and I wonder if eMclient can send the same email daily to same recipents at a predefined time.

Hi, this is unfortunately currently not possible with eM Client, we’re considering adding a delayed send to future releases of eM client, not sure if the automatic option will be an option as well.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul,
           Thanks for the prompt reply. This feature would add a very good reputation to eM Client as there is no email client doing this functionality. But lot of people are in need of this functionality.

Hi again, thank you for your input on this, we’re working on this.
Let us know if you come across any other issues, questions or features you’re missing in eM Client. We’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,