Auto email address suggestion takes long/show to load

Every time I specifically forward a message and start to type an email address, the program freezes for like a good 10sec before a “suggested” email address pops up. You know those pre-saved default email addresses?
It helps a lot and why I love this program, but 10seconds of my life x 50 emails a day, is very frustrating for me. Been dealing with this for months. Don’t know if its the update or what?

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If eM Client is freezing typing and email address, try uninstalling the program and reinstalling either with “the same or later version” from the release history page.

Note: If you have Windows “don’t delete the database” when asks on the uninstall wizard.

Now If uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t make any difference and you are running a recent version of eM Client, then you might have some sort of database issue and could either try restoring a dated eM Client backup when you know it was working ok via “Menu / File / Restore”,

Or if you don’t have any backups then if you have an IMAP, Exchange, Office365 or iCloud (non pop account), suggest to try removing and just readding your account/s as new via “Menu / Accounts”. That should then fix the issue if it’s database related.

If it’s a POP account, first create a folder down in eM Client Local Folders at the bottom left called eg: Old Mail, and then drag / move all your current POP account mail and mail folders under Old Mail. Then remove your old POP mail account and readd as new. Once re-setup again, then drag / move all your exiting POP mail and mail folders from Old Mail in Local folders up to your POP account.

Apart from that you might have some sort of possible background program causing interfere with eM Client. Programs that can sometimes interfere are eg: Optionally installed Firewall / Security programs, Optionally installed Antivirus programs and VPNs. So if you have anything like that installed other than what is default with your OS, try completely disabling those to test.

Lastly if you haven’t already, try power off “your modem and computer” and any network switches etc if you use those as well, and re power back on. Then see if that makes any difference. Eg; Delays bringing up address contacts in the To, Cc and Bcc lines can also be internet related if it’s reading a remote address book. So sometimes a complete power off and on might fix it too.