auto download only in the inbox

Is there a way to download attachments and pictures only in the inbox and not every folder.


you can do this by right click on IMAP folder of your choice - properties and in Offline tab check Download messages for offline use and include attachments and images.

This should then download emails only to this folder for offline use isntead of global setting from IMAP tab in accounts.


Thanks for your response.
I am using Yahoo email.
In the properties of Inbox, there are just three tabs;
General information, Quota, Repair.
There is no tab “Offline”. Please advise.

do you use POP3 or IMAP protocol?


IMAP. Also, I have 100+ folders and every time it synchronizes ALL the folders one by one whereas only Inbox needs to be synchronized?

this is weird, I have found this setting for Yahoo for both 6th and 5th version…

here is screenshot of it:

I have also tested it for every folder and it is available even for subfolders, can you tell me your exact version (help - about)?


I had the options in the global setting selected to download all email with attachments and therefore this tab didn’t show in individual folders. Once I deselected the global setting, this tab is now showing for each folder. Thanks!

One last question hopefully - Suppose I select 20 folders for downloading messages for offline use including attachments. Then every time it will check all these folders OR only when I select them for viewing?

oh, I have forgot about this - I am sorry for that.

eM Client always checks for all folders under account by default - if you are using IMAP then it does that constantly 24/7 (or if you have eM Client turned on) but it will not re-download all messages everytime.

It just check for changes like new messages or read/unread/deleted emails and stuff like that.


Thanks everything is clear. Already purchased my retail copy with lifetime upgrades. Now, waiting for the next release!

thank you for your support :slight_smile:

with pro license you are now able to use paid supprot system with much more comfortable issue reporting and with higher priority over free users. So next time you can use support here


Ohh! Glad to note that :slight_smile:

you are welcome :slight_smile: