Auto correct

I’ve read several posts from users requesting autocorrect, just like in the MS products. It would be handy to type “a1” and have it replaced with “Assignment 1”.
In today’s communication world, it is essential. Surprised it is still not available in EM Client. I love the rest of the interface, but without autocorrect…I’m back to the pain in the neck Outlook program. When is this being implemented? Hope I get an answer this time. I have two posts so far where no one has chimed in :(. Thanks…

I use a text expander application to auto-correct, and that works across all my Windows applications. It can automatically fix things like contractions and regular misspellings, but its main purpose is to automatically replace your a1 with a complete formatted paragraph of text if that is what you want.

PhraseExpress is probably about the best there is and has a free option for personal use, but others like FastKeys or TextExpander, which are commercial versions, are also quite good.

Thanks Gary! I’ll look into PhraseExpress. I’ve been using MS products for years now (sadly). I wonder if I can import all my MS autocorrect entries to PhraseExpress? Thanks again.

I know you can import MS Word Autocorrect settings, but I am not an MS Office user, so could not say if the same applies to MS Outlook. Maybe they are one and the same.